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 5.12 Tags for the MT tagged text response
 The `MT' response, as described in  Responses, offers a way for
 the server to send tagged text to the client.  This section describes
 specific tags.  The intention is to update this section as servers add
 new tags.
    In the following descriptions, `text' and `newline' tags are
 omitted.  Such tags contain information which is intended for users (or
 to be discarded), and are subject to change at the whim of the server.
 To avoid being vulnerable to such whim, clients should look for the tags
 listed here, not `text', `newline', or other tags.
    The following tag means to indicate to the user that a file has been
 updated.  It is more or less redundant with the `Created' and
 `Update-existing' responses, but we don't try to specify here whether
 it occurs in exactly the same circumstances as `Created' and
 `Update-existing'.  The NAME is the pathname of the file being updated
 relative to the directory in which the command is occurring (that is,
 the last `Directory' request which is sent before the command).
      MT +updated
      MT fname NAME
      MT -updated
    The `importmergecmd' tag is used when doing an import which has
 conflicts, or when doing an import with the `-X' flag.  The client can
 use it to report how to merge in the newly imported changes.  The COUNT
 is the number of conflicts, or the string `No' if no conflicts
 occurred.  (The latter will only be sent for imports run with the `-X'
 flag.)  The newly imported changes can be merged by running the
 following command:
      cvs checkout -j TAG1 -j TAG2 REPOSITORY
      MT +importmergecmd
      MT conflicts COUNT
      MT mergetag1 TAG1
      MT mergetag2 TAG2
      MT repository REPOSITORY
      MT -importmergecmd
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