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 11.1 About `catgets'
 The `catgets' implementation is defined in the X/Open Portability
 Guide, Volume 3, XSI Supplementary Definitions, Chapter 5.  But the
 process of creating this standard seemed to be too slow for some of the
 Unix vendors so they created their implementations on preliminary
 versions of the standard.  Of course this leads again to problems while
 writing platform independent programs: even the usage of `catgets' does
 not guarantee a unique interface.
    Another, personal comment on this that only a bunch of committee
 members could have made this interface.  They never really tried to
 program using this interface.  It is a fast, memory-saving
 implementation, an user can happily live with it.  But programmers hate
 it (at least I and some others do...)
    But we must not forget one point: after all the trouble with
 transferring the rights on Unix(tm) they at last came to X/Open, the
 very same who published this specification.  This leads me to making
 the prediction that this interface will be in future Unix standards
 (e.g. Spec1170) and therefore part of all Unix implementation
 (implementations, which are _allowed_ to wear this name).


* Interface to catgets        The interface
* Problems with catgets       Problems with the `catgets' interface?!
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