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 2.3 How to characterize Guile
 I have already mentioned that Guile has become a kitchen sink package;
 here you can see how Guile freely takes new commands and constructs from
 the portable Scheme library _slib_, the _Tk_ widget set, a posix
 library (useful for UNIX systems programming), the regular expression
 library _rx_, and many more ...  
   So Guile has many more primitive procedures available to it than those
 specified in  Revised(5) Report on the Algorithmic Language
 Scheme (r5rs)Standard Procedures.  On top of that, Guile will interpret
 almost all standard Scheme programs.  The only incompatible difference
 between the basic Guile language and R5RS Scheme is that Guile is case
 sensitive, whereas R5RS is case insensitive.  We hope that few people
 have written Scheme programs that depend on case insensitivity.  
   Here is a possible view of the _sum of the parts_ in Guile: 
      guile   =       standard Scheme (R5RS)
              PLUS    extensions to R5RS offered by SCM
              PLUS    some extra primitives offered by Guile (catch/throw)
              PLUS    portable Scheme library (SLIB)
              PLUS    embeddable Scheme interpreter library (libguile)
              PLUS    Tk toolkit
              PLUS    threads
              PLUS    Posix library
              PLUS    Regular expression library (rx)
              PLUS    Tcl library
Info Catalog ( History of Guile and its motivations ( Introduction
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