TIFFTileSize,   TIFFTileRowSize,   TIFFVTileSize,  TIFFDefaultTileSize,
       TIFFComputeTile, TIFFCheckTile, TIFFNumberOfTiles - tile-related  util-
       ity routines


       #include <tiffio.h>

       void TIFFDefaultTileSize(TIFF *tif, uint32 *tw, uint32 *th)
       tsize_t TIFFTileSize(TIFF *tif)
       tsize_t TIFFTileRowSize(TIFF *tif)
       tsize_t TIFFVTileSize(TIFF *tif, uint32 nrows)
       ttile_t  TIFFComputeTile(TIFF *tif, uint32 x, uint32 y, uint32 z, tsam-
       ple_t sample)
       int TIFFCheckTile(TIFF *tif, uint32 x, uint32 y,  uint32  z,  tsample_t
       ttile_t TIFFNumberOfTiles(TIFF *tif)


       TIFFDefaultTileSize returns the pixel width and height of a reasonable-
       sized tile; suitable for setting up the TileWidth and TileLength  tags.
       If  the tw and th values passed in are non-zero, then they are adjusted
       to reflect any compression-specific requirements.  The  returned  width
       and  height  are  constrained  to be a multiple of 16 pixels to conform
       with the TIFF specification.

       TIFFTileSize returns the equivalent size for a tile of data as it would
       be  returned  in a call to TIFFReadTile or as it would be expected in a
       call to TIFFWriteTile.

       TIFFVTileSize returns the number of bytes in a  row-aligned  tile  with
       nrows of data.

       TIFFTileRowSize returns the number of bytes of a row of data in a tile.

       TIFFComputeTile returns the tile that contains  the  specified  coordi-
       nates.  A valid tile is always returned; out-of-range coordinate values
       are clamped to the bounds of the image. The  x  and  y  parameters  are
       always used in calculating a tile. The z parameter is used if the image
       is deeper than 1 slice (ImageDepth>1).  The sample  parameter  is  used
       only  if data are organized in separate planes (PlanarConfiguration=2).

       TIFFCheckTile returns a non-zero value if the supplied coordinates  are
       within  the  bounds of the image and zero otherwise. The x parameter is
       checked against the value of the ImageWidth tag.  The  y  parameter  is
       checked  against  the  value of the ImageLength tag. The z parameter is
       checked against the value of the ImageDepth tag (if defined). The  sam-
       ple  parameter  is  checked  against  the  value of the SamplesPerPixel
       parameter if the data are organized in separate planes.

       TIFFNumberOfTiles returns the number of tiles in the image.




       libtiff(3TIFF),   TIFFReadEncodedTile(3TIFF),   TIFFReadRawTile(3TIFF),
       TIFFReadTile(3TIFF),      TIFFWriteEncodedTile(3TIFF),      TIFFWriteR-
       awTile(3TIFF), TIFFWriteTile(3TIFF)

libtiff                        February 14, 1992               TIFFTILE(3TIFF)
See also TIFFCheckTile(3)
See also TIFFComputeTile(3)
See also TIFFDefaultTileSize(3)
See also TIFFNumberOfTiles(3)
See also TIFFTileRowSize(3)
See also TIFFVTileSize(3)
See also TIFFtile(3)

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