slha -- Symbios Logic/LSI Logic host adapter driver


slha is the boot-time loadable driver (BTLD) for the 8xx family of Symbios Logic SCSI controllers. It directly supports:

Symbios 53C53C810 (all 53c8xx SCSI I/O processors)
Symbios 53C810A
Symbios 53C815
Symbios 53C825
Symbios 53C825A
Symbios 53C860
Symbios 53C875
Symbios 53C8751
Symbios 53C875J
Symbios 53C876
Symbios 53C895
Symbios 53C896

This driver dynamically maps interrupts, supports Fast and Wide SCSI, scatter/gather, and multiple host bus adapters (HBAs). In addition, this driver fully supports either single or multiple processor systems (multiple processor systems must also have the SCO OpenServer Symmetrical Multiprocessing Support package installed).

slha works with all Symbios Logic 53c8xx SCSI I/O Processors. The 53C896, 875, and 895 are fully supported. The 53C810A and 825A are supported in legacy mode of 53C810 and 825, respectively. The Fast20 negotiation feature of the 53C860 and 875 is also supported. The SCRIPTs RAM operation of the 53C825A and 875 is not currently supported.

After installation, if you add additional Symbios Logic SCSI host bus adapters to the system, use the appropriate mkdev command for each device attached to the new host bus adapter. Then, rebuild the kernel, and reboot the system for the change to take effect.

To determine the support status of your host adapter, contact your system supplier or refer to the Compatible Hardware Web Pages.

Configuring the slha driver

You can configure the slha driver using entries in /etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice and /etc/conf/sdevice.d/slha. See mdevice(F) and sdevice(F). Changes to these files will only take effect if the kernel is relinked using link_unix(ADM) and the machine rebooted.

Configure slha driver-specific characteristics by editing the /etc/conf/pack.d/slha/space.c file.

Boot-time configuration of SCSI

Use the bootstring(HW) parameters to override the default hardware configuration information. Of special interest are the adapter= parameter that specifies information for the host adapter card that plugs into or is part of the motherboard, and the periph= parameter that specifies information about the host adapter being used by one of the generic peripheral interfaces (Sdsk, Srom, or Stp).

ioctl commands

The slha driver supports all standard SCSI ioctls that are defined in the <sys/scsicmd.h> header file and documented on the scsi(HW) manual page.


See messages(M) for general information about kernel error messages, including a list of generic device driver errors.



SCSI interface header files

See also

boot(HW), link_unix(ADM), mdevice(F), mkdev(ADM), sconf(ADM), scsi(HW), sdevice(F)

``Adding SCSI host adapters and peripherals'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook
SCO OpenServer System Administration Guide

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