fattach -- STREAMS-based file descriptor to filesystem object


cc . . . -lc
int fattach(int fildes, const char *path);


The fattach routine attaches a STREAMS-based file descriptor to an object in the filesystem name space, effectively associating a name with fildes. fildes must be a valid open file descriptor representing a STREAMS file. path is a pathname of an existing object, and the effective user ID of the calling process must be the owner of the file and have write permissions, or the calling process must have superuser privilege. All subsequent operations on path will operate on the STREAMS file until the STREAMS file is detached from the node. fildes can be attached to more than one path; that is, a stream can have several names associated with it.

The attributes of the named stream (see stat(S)) are initialized as follows: the permissions, user ID, group ID, and times are set to those of path, the number of links is set to 1, and the size and device identifier are set to those of the streams device associated with fildes. If any attributes of the named stream are subsequently changed (using, for example, chmod(S)), the attributes of the underlying object are not affected.

Return values

If successful, fattach returns 0; otherwise it returns -1 and sets errno to indicate an error.


Under the following conditions, the function fattach fails and sets errno to:

Search permission is denied on a component of the path prefix.

The user is the owner of the file named by path but does not have write permissions on path or fildes is locked.

fildes is not a valid open file descriptor.

path does not exist.

A component of a path prefix is not a directory.

fildes does not represent a STREAMS file.

The effective user ID of the calling process is not the owner of the file named by path nor does the process have superuser privilege.

path is currently a mount point or has a STREAMS file descriptor attached to it.

The size of path exceeds {PATH_MAX}, or the component of a pathname is longer than {NAME_MAX} while {_POSIX_NO_TRUNC} is in effect.

Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating path.

path is a file in a remotely mounted directory.


linking library

See also

fdetach(S), isastream(S), stat(S), streamio(M)

Standards conformance

fattach is conformant with:

AT&T SVID Issue 3.

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