idas -- assembler used by the Link Kit


idas [-dl] [-m] [-n] [-o objfile] [-R] [-V] [-Y [md],dir] filename


The idas command assembles the named file. The following flags may be specified in any order:

Do not produce line number information in the object file.

Run the m4(CP) macro processor on the input to the assembler.

Turn off long/short address optimization. By default, address optimization takes place.

-o objfile
Put the output of the assembly in objfile. By default, the output file name is formed by removing the .s suffix, if there is one, from the input file name and appending a .o suffix.

Remove (unlink) the input file after assembly is completed.

Write the version number of the assembler being run on the standard error output.

-Y [md],dir
Find the m4 preprocessor (m) and/or the file of predefined macros (d) in directory dir instead of in the customary place. There must be a space between the -Y flag and its options.


If the -m (m4 macro processor invocation) option is used, keywords for m4 cannot be used as symbols (variables, functions, labels) in the input file since m4 cannot determine which are assembler symbols and which are real m4 macros.


idas is intended for use by the Link Kit. The as(CP) assembler should be used if an assembler is needed for program development. as is supplied as part of the SCO OpenServer Development System, which also includes the C compiler cc(CP), the link editor ld(CP), object libraries, and header files.

The assembler directive may not work in the .text section when optimization is performed.

Arithmetic expressions may only have one forward referenced symbol per expression.

Wherever possible, the assembler should be accessed through a compilation system interface program such as cc.


idas executable file

temporary files. TMPDIR is usually /usr/tmp but can be redefined by setting the environment variable TMPDIR (see tempnam() in tmpnam(S)).

See also

a.out(FP), as(CP), cc(CP), idld(M), ld(CP), m4(CP), nm(CP), strip(CP), tmpnam(S)

Standards conformance

idas is conformant with:

AT&T SVID Issue 2.

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