iir -- Intel Integrated RAID host adapter driver


The iir (Intel® Integrated RAID) driver is an Ultra160 SCSI RAID host adapter driver that supports the following Intel RAID Controllers:

To determine the support status of your host adapter, contact your system supplier or refer to the SCO Certified and Compatible Hardware web page.

Configuring the iir driver

Storage Console (StorCon) is a setup and diagnostic tool for the configuration, maintenance, monitoring and tuning of mass storage subsystems that are based on Intel RAID controllers. StorCon is included with Intel RAID Controllers' Flash-RAM and can be invoked at boot time by entering <Ctrl>G. See your device documentation for more information.

NOTE: StorCon is not available as a runtime utility for SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7.

You can also configure the iir driver by editing the entries in the /etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice and /etc/conf/sdevice.d/iir files; see the mdevice(F) and sdevice(F) manual pages. Changes to these files take effect once you relink the kernel using link_unix(ADM) and reboot the system.

CAUTION: Manually editing these files requires extensive knowledge and experience with SCO OpenServer platforms.

Boot time configuration of SCSI

Use the bootstring(HW) parameters to override the default hardware configuration information. Of special interest is the periph= parameter that specifies information about the host adapter being used by one of the generic peripheral interfaces (Sdsk, Sflp, Srom, or Stp).

ioctl commands

The iir driver supports all standard SCSI ioctls that are defined in the <sys/scsicmd.h> header file and documented on the scsi(HW) manual page.


See your device documentation for information about driver diagnostic messages.





See also

boot(HW), link_unix(ADM), mdevice(F), mkdev(ADM), sconf(ADM), scsi(HW), sdevice(F)

``Adding SCSI host adapters and peripherals'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook
SCO OpenServer System Administration Guide

Intel RAID Controller documentation

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