mvdevice -- video driver back end configuration file


prefix name routine_mask type oem paddr size


mvdevice accomplishes configurability of video hardware by permitting the linking of back ends to the console video driver. This linking scheme includes a C library of video back ends for use with the Link Kit and separate driver entries for each of the back ends.

The configuration program uses the mvdevice file to produce a space.c for the console driver. This space.c includes the appropriate include files and extern references to the appropriate video back ends. In addition, the configuration program builds the console display switch within the space.c.

Each line in mvdevice contains the following seven whitespace-separated fields:

Name of driver from 1 to 4 characters long (for example ``mono''). This name is prepended to the driver routines defined by routine_mask.

The name of the adapter printed as the argument of the unit= message from the console driver at initialization.

This mask tells which routines were supported by the particular back end. These routines are: xxinit, xxcmos, xxinitscreen, xxscroll, xxcopy, xxclear, xxpchar, xxscurs, xxsgr, xxioctl, xxadapctl. xx is replaced by prefix in the console display switch table in space.c.

This is placed in the file as a literal. For example, if the word MONO was put into the file, it would include the word MONO as the type entry of the adapter structure.

OEM information treated exactly the same as type (as a literal).

The physical address at which the video RAM is located (included as a literal field).

The size of the video RAM (included as a literal field).
This information provides all the basic information needed for the program to generate an appropriate space.c and build the the correct adapter switch.

The routine mask uses the following bits to signify the following routines:

0x0001 xxinit
0x0002 xxcmos
0x0004 xxinitscreen
0x0008 xxscroll
0x0010 xxcopy
0x0020 xxclear
0x0040 xxpchar
0x0080 xxscurs
0x0100 xxsgr
0x0200 xxioctl
0x0400 xxadapctl

The default mvdevice file looks like this:

#	mvdevice:	video configuration master file.
#prefix	name	routines	type	oem	paddr	size
mono	mono	0x07fd		MONO	0	0	0
cga	cga	0x07fd		CGA	0	0	0
ega	ega	0x07ff		EGA	0	0	0
vga	vga	0x07ff		VGA	0	0	0


full pathname of mvdevice

holds the built display switch table for the console driver

contains definition of struct adapter used by space.c

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