pwrevents -- Power Management event definitions


class classname classvalue event classname/typename typevalue


A pwrevents file defines unique names for Power Management (PM) events. These files are read by the various PM utilities, including pwrd, pwrdump, and pwrsend. Each line in an events definition file defines either a class of PM events, or a specific type of event within a given class. Blank lines are ignored. Comments start with hash (#) and continue until end-of-line.

The defining commands include:

class classname classvalue
Defines classname as the name for the class of events identified by classvalue. A classname defines only one classvalue, and each classvalue is defined by at most one classname.

event classname/typename typevalue
Defines typename as the name for event number typevalue in previously-defined class classname. Within each class, a typename defines one typevalue and each typevalue is defined by at most one typename. Different classes may define the same typename (which do not have to be the same typevalue).
Both classnames and typenames consist of only letters, digits, underbar (_), and dash (-). The names must start with either a letter or an underbar.

Both classvalues and typevalues are numbers. If prefixed with 0 they are assumed octal; 0x means hexadecimal; otherwise they are assumed decimal. A suffix of m multiplies by 1M (1024 × 1024); k by 1024; l by 4; and w by 2.


Define classname foo as 17 (decimal). Class foo contains events bar (42 decimal) and xyzzy (8E1 hexadecimal, or 2273 decimal):
   # Example pwrevents definitions - this is a comment
   class foo  17
   event foo/bar   42
   event foo/xyzzy 0x8e1


BIOS-APM firmware from different manufacturers varies considerably in both operation and efficacy. What may be a safe or useful sequence of commands on one machine may be ineffectual or worse on another.


default PM events file read by pwrd, pwrdump, and pwrsend

See also

pwrd(ADM), pwrdump(ADM), pwrsend(ADM)
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