wdex -- Western Digital 7000ex SCSI host adapter driver


NOTE: This driver is no longer supported by SCO, however, it is still provided with SCO OpenServer for your convenience. Contact your hardware vendor for support.

wdex is the device driver for Western Digital 7000ex (EISA bus) SCSI host adapter cards.

In DACB mode, the WD7000ex uses the wdex driver. In ASC mode, the WD7000ex emulates the Western Digital WD7000 ISA bus host adapter, and uses the wdha driver.

Before installing the 7000ex, set the card to DACB mode to access its full functionality. Use the EISA configuration utility to change the protocol mode from ASC to DACB.

Refer to the Compatible Hardware Web Pages. to determine the support status of your host adapter, or contact your system supplier.

Configuring the wdex driver

You can configure the wdex driver using entries in /etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice and /etc/conf/sdevice.d/wdex. See mdevice(F) and sdevice(F). Changes to these files will only take effect if the kernel is relinked using link_unix(ADM) and the machine rebooted.

Configure wdex driver-specific characteristics by editing the /etc/conf/pack.d/wdex/space.c file.

ioctl commands

The wdex driver supports all standard SCSI ioctls that are defined in the <sys/scsicmd.h> header file and documented on the scsi(HW) manual page.


See messages(M) for general information about kernel error messages, including a list of generic device driver errors.



SCSI interface header files

See also

boot(HW), link_unix(ADM), mdevice(F), mkdev(ADM), sconf(ADM), scsi(HW), sdevice(F)

``Adding SCSI host adapters and peripherals'' in the SCO OpenServer Handbook
SCO OpenServer System Administration Guide

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