Manual section ADMN

aasd - Address Allocation Server
arp - address resolution display and control
auth.config - configure Secure TCP/IP utilities
bootpd - implement BOOTP server
bootpd, bootpgw - Internet Boot Protocol server/gateway
bootpef - BOOTP extension file compiler
bootpgw - implement BOOTP gateway
comsat - biff server
dcc - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client daemon
dhcpc - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client daemon
dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
dig - send domain name query packets to name servers
dlnbhosts - update NetBIOS host table (obsolete)
dnskeygen - generate public, private, and shared secret keys for DNS
dnsquery - query domain name servers using resolver
dnssigner - nssigner - add signatures to DNS zone files
editmap - editmap
fingerd - remote user information server
ftpd - Internet File Transfer Protocol server
ftprestart - restart previously shutdown ftp servers
ftpshut - shut down the ftp servers at a given time
gated - gateway routing daemon
gdc - operational user interface for gated
getid - retrieve system MIB variables from SNMP entity
getmany - retrieve classes of objects from SNMP entity
getmet - extract routing information from SNMP entity
getnext - retrieve objects from SNMP entity
getone - retrieve objects from SNMP entity
getroute - extract routing information from SNMP entity
getsub - extract routing information from SNMP entity
gettable - get NIC format host tables from a host
host - look up hostnames using domain server
hostname - hostname resolution description
htable - convert NIC standard format host tables
ifconfig - configure network interface parameters
imapd - Internet Message Access Protocol server
in.aasd - Address Allocation Server
in.dhcpc - DHCP client daemon
in.dhcpd - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
in.gated - gateway routing daemon
in.routed - network unicast routing daemon
in.rwhod - system status server
in.tcpd - control access to internet services
inconfig - configure the Internet protocol stack
inetd - Internet ``super server''
initialize - bring network interfaces up or down
Intro - introduction to network maintenance and operation commands
ipf - ipf
ipfs - ipfs
ipftest - ipftest
ipnat - ipnat
irdd - Internet Router Discovery daemon
ktadd - add a service key to a service key table
ktdelete - remove a service key from a service key table
ktlist - list service keys stored in a service key table
lmail - handle local mail delivery from sendmail
lpd - line printer daemon
mailaddr - mail addressing description
mailq - mailq
mailstats - mailstats
makemap - makemap
maskreply - send gratuitous ICMP mask reply
mconnect - connect to SMTP mail server socket (obsolete)
mibcomp - script for running mosy and post_mosy utilities
mkfilters - mkfilters
mkhosts - make node name commands
mosy - Managed Object Syntax compiler (yacc-based)
named - Internet domain name server
named-bootconf - convert name server configuration files
named-xfer - ancillary agent for inbound zone transfers
nbconf - NetBIOS configuration file (obsolete)
nbd - NetBIOS daemon (obsolete)
ndc - name daemon control program
netbios - NetBIOS startup/shutdown script (obsolete)
newaliases - newaliases
nsupdate - update Internet name servers interactively
ntp_authspeed - determine NTP authentication delay
ntpd - Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon
ntpdate - set the date and time via NTP
ntpdc - special NTP query program
ntpq - standard NTP query program
ntptrace - trace a chain of NTP servers back to the primary source
ospf_monitor - monitor OSPF gateways
ping - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
post_mosy - back-end wrapper for mosy
ppp - login shell for the Point-to-Point Protocol
pppattach - open a outgoing manual dialup PPP link (obsolete)
pppd - Point-to-Point Protocol daemon (obsolete)
pppstat - show PPP status (obsolete)
praliases - praliases
rarpd - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
rdate - notify time server that date has changed
rdistd - remote file distribution server program
rexecd - remote execution server
ripquery - query RIP gateways
rlogind - remote login server
rlpconf - configure remote line printers
rmail - rmail
rmt - remote magtape protocol module
route - manually manipulate the routing tables
routed - network unicast routing daemon
rpcbind - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rshd - remote shell server
rusersd - network username server
rwalld - network rwall server
rwhod - system status server
sendmail - sendmail
setany - retrieve and set objects in an SNMP entity
setdate - set the system date and time from a remote host
sink - TCP sink test
sinkd - TCP data sink
slattach - attach serial lines as network interfaces (obsolete)
slink - STREAMS linker
smrsh - smrsh
snmp - SNMP start/stop script
snmpd - SNMP agent
snmpstat - show network status using SNMP
talkd - remote user communication server
tcp - TCP start/stop script
tcpd - control access to internet services
tcpdump - tcpdump
telnetd - TELNET protocol server
tftpd - Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
tickadj - set time-related kernel variables
timed - time server daemon
timedc - timed control program
traceroute - trace the route taken by packets to reach a network host
trap_rece - receive traps from remote SNMP trap generating entity
trap_send - send SNMP traps
trpt - transliterate protocol trace
ttcp - test TCP and UDP performance
uucpd - UUCP server
xntpd - Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon (obsolete)
xntpdc - special NTP query program (obsolete)