Manual section D3nfb

AddExtension - adds extensions to the X server
AllocateGCPrivate - allocate a GC private
AllocateGCPrivate, AllocateGCPrivateIndex - allocate or query GC private
AllocateGCPrivateIndex - return a GC private index
AllocateScreenPrivateIndex - allocate a screen private index
BlankScreen - blank or unblank screen
cfbCreateDefColormap - create default colormap for screens with root depth greater than 1
cfbExpandDirectColors - qqq
cfbScreenInit - CFB routine to initialize a screen
CloseScreen - NFB routine to close screen and free memory
CopyRect - NFB primitive to copy one rectangle
CreateDefColormap: cfbCreateDefColormap, mfbCreateDefColormap - create default colormap
ddxAddPixmapFormat - add new pixmap format to screenInfo structure
DrawFontText - NFB routine to draw glyphs from fonts
DrawImage - NFB routine to draw a pixmap in a region of a window
DrawMonoGlyphs - NFB routine to draw glyphs
DrawMonoImage, DrawOpaqueMonoImage - draw monochrome image into destination rectangle
DrawOpaqueMonoImage - draw opaque monochrome image into destination rectangle
DrawPoints - NFB routine to draw pixel value at specified point
DrawSolidRects - draw rectangles
Error - output non-fatal error message based on errno for NFB drivers
ErrorF - output non-fatal error message for NFB drivers
ErrorF, Error - issue non-fatal error message for NFB driver
ExpandDirectColors - yyy
FakeAllocColor - allocate a color pixel
FakeAllocColor, FakeFreeColor - allocate a color pixel
FakeFreeColor - free pixel allocated with FakeAllocColor
FatalError - handle fatal error for NFB drivers
FillPolygons - NFB routine to fill polygons
FillRects: StippledFillRects, OpStippledFillRects - stipple-handling routines
FillSpans - NFB routine to fill spans
genDrawMonoGlyphs - generic NFB routine to draw glyphs
genLoadColormap - load a PseudoColor colormap
genOpStippledFillRects - generic opaque stippled fill routine
genOpStippledFS - yyy
genSolidFillRects - yyy
genSolidFS - yyy
genSolidZeroSeg - gen routine to draw multiple Bresenham lines with NFB_POLYBRES
genSolidZeroSegs - gen routine to draw multiple Bresenham lines without NFB_POLYBRES
genStippledFillRects - generic transparent stippled fill routine
genStippledFS - gen routine for StippledFIllSpans
genTiledFillRects - default gen routine for TilledFilledRects()
genTiledFillRects, genStippledFillRects, genOpStippledFillRects - fill rectangles
genTiledFS - generic routine for TiledFillSpans
grafError - return last error message from accessing grafinfo file
grafExec - find and execute function in grafinfo file
grafFreeMode - frees data associated with a mode
grafGetFullMode - determines the full mode name
grafGetFunction - verify whether function exists in grafData structure
grafGetInt - set identifier as specified in grafinfo or moninfo file
grafGetMemInfo - retrieve memory information from grafinfo file
grafGetName - get VENDOR string from grafinfo file
grafGetString - get specified string from grafinfo file
grafParseFile - parses the grafinfo file
grafPmemVmem - get virtual memory address from a physical address in grafinfo file
grafQuery - query function, string, and integer linked lists
grafquery - API to query grafinfo and moninfo files
grafRunFunction - run specified function with information from grafinfo file
grafVBRun - video BIOS execution
Intro - Introduction to the X graphic driver routines
LookupIDByType - find object with specified identifier and type
mfbCreateDefColormap - create default colormap for screens with root depth equal to 1
mfbQueryBestSize - yyy
mfbScreenInit - MFB routine to initialize a screen
miFillPolygon - draw a filled polygon
miPolyFillArc - draw filled arcs
miZeroPolyArc - yyy
NFB_SERIAL_NUMBER - NFB macro to retrieve the serial number of the GC or Drawable
nfbAddVisual - routine to populate structures for nfbScreenInit(D3nfb)
nfbCloseText8 - yyy
nfbHelpValidateGC - validate GC
nfbInitializeText8 - initialize terminal font download
nfbInstallColormap - yyy
nfbInstallColormap, nfbUnistallColormap, nfbListInstalledColormaps - yyy
nfbListInstalledColormaps - yyy
nfbReplicateArea - NFB routine to replicate part of a pixmap
nfbScreenInit - NFB routine to initialize a simple screen
nfbSetOptions - notify NFB layer of driver characteristics and NFB version
nfbStoreColors - yyy
nfbUnistallColormap - yyy
NoopDDA - dummy procedure
OpStippledFillRects - opaque stippled fill routine
ReadImage - NFB routine to read a rectangular area of the screen
scoPointerInitialize - create minimal mi cursor
scoScreenActive - query whether the current screen is active
scoSpriteInitialize - yyy
scoSWCursorInitialize, scoInitCursor - yyy
scoSysInfoInit - initialize scoSysInfo structure
ScreenInit: nfbScreenInit, cfbScreenInit, mfbScreenInit - initialize screen
SetClipRegions - NFB routine to set clip regions
SetColor - NFB routine to set colormap
SetGraphics - routine to set display in graphics mode
SetText - routine to set display to text mode
SolidZeroSeg - draw multiple Bresenham lines without using NFB_POLYBRES
StippledFillRects - transparent stippled fill routine
StippledFS - routine for StippledFillSpans
TiledFS - routine for TiledFillSpans
TileRects - NFB routine to draw and fill specified rectangles
ValidateWindowGC - nfb routine to validate a window graphics context against a drawable
ValidateWindowPriv - NFB routine to set up and validate nfbWinOps(D4nfb) structure
Xalloc, Xrealloc, Xfree - Allocate and free
ZeroSegs - draw multiple Bresenham lines using NFB_POLYBRES
ZeroSegs, SolidZeroSeg - draw Bresenham lines