Manual section D3pccard

AccessConfigurationRegister - access a card configuration register
AddSocketServices - add socket service handler
AdjustResourceInfo - manage system resources availbe to clients
CheckEraseQueue - announce that new erase requests are on the erase queue
CloseMemory - shut down power to the socket
CopyMemory - Copy memory from card's memory to another location
DeregisterClient - deregister client
DeregisterEraseQueue - deregister the erase queue
GetCardServicesInfo - determine whether CardServices is present
GetClientInfo - return information about a PC Card client
GetConfigurationInfo - get information about the PC Card configuration
GetEventMask - receive notification of particular events
GetFirstClient - identify first client registered on the system
GetFirstPartition - return device information for the first partition on the card
GetFirstRegion - return device information for the first region of devices on the card
GetFirstTuple - return first tuple of specified type
GetFirstWindow - return a handle and information for the first memory or I/O window
GetMemPage - get page information for a memory window
GetNextClient - return ClientHandle for next registered client
GetNextPartition - return information about client's next partition
GetNextRegion - return information abut the next region of devices on the client's CIS
GetNextTuple - return next tuple
GetNextWindow - return window information for next window on logical socket
GetStatus - return status of client's socket and card
GetTupleData - return data from the current tuple body
Intro - introduction to PC Card client service function calls
MapLogSocket - map a logical socket to Socket Services
MapLogWindow - map a window to a physical adapter
MapMemPage - map memory area of Client's card into memory window
MapPhySocket - map a physical adapter to a logical socket
MapPhyWindow - map a physical adapter and window to a logical WindowHandle
ModifyConfiguration - partially modify socket and PC Card configuration
ModifyWindow - change the attributes of a window
OpenMemory - open area of a memory card
ReadMemory - read card's memory region
RegisterClient - register a client with CardServices
RegisterEraseQueue - register client's erase queue
RegisterMTD - registers a Memory Technology Driver (MTD) with ClientServices
RegisterTimer - register a client's standing callback request with CardServices
ReleaseConfiguration - release configuration information
ReleaseDMA - release DMA channel
ReleaseExclusive - end monopoly use of a card in a socket
ReleaseIO - unbind an I/O address from a client
ReleaseIRQ - unbind IRQs that are bound to a client
ReleaseSocketMask - shut off socket status change notifications
ReleaseWindow - deallocate system memory or I/O address space
ReplaceSocketServices - Switch to new Socket Services
RequestConfiguration - physically configure client's card and socket
RequestDMA - bind DMA channel to client's 16-bit card
RequestExclusive - request exclusive use of card in a socket
RequestIO - bind I/O addresses to a client
RequestIRQ - bind an IRQ to a client
RequestSocketMask - arrange to receive socket status change notifications
RequestWindow - allocate a block of system memory or I/O address space
ResetFunction - reset the function of a card in a socket
ReturnSSEntry - get pointer to an installed Socket Services routine
SetEventMask - change event mask for the client
SetRegion - set region characteristics
ValidateCIS - check Card Information Structure (CIS) on client's card
VendorSpecific - support for unique vendor supplied features
WriteMemory - write to a memory PC card device