Manual section ELF

elf - object file access library
elf_begin - make a file descriptor
elf_cntl - control a file descriptor
elf_end - finish using an object file
elf_error: elf_errmsg, elf_errno - error handling
elf_fill - set fill byte
elf_flag: elf_flagdata, elf_flagehdr, elf_flagelf, elf_flagphdr, elf_flagscn, elf_flagshdr - manipulate flags
elf_fsize: elf32_fsize, elf64_fsize - return the size of an object file type
elf_getarhdr - retrieve archive member header
elf_getarsym - retrieve archive symbol table
elf_getbase - get the base offset for an object file
elf_getdata, elf_newdata, elf_rawdata - get section data
elf_getehdr: elf32_getehdr, elf32_newehdr, elf64_getehdr, elf64_newehdr - retrieve class-dependent object file header
elf_getident - retrieve file identification data
elf_getphdr: elf32_getphdr, elf32_newphdr, elf64_getphdr, elf64_newphdr - retrieve class-dependent program header table
elf_getscn, elf_ndxscn, elf_newscn, elf_nextscn - get section information
elf_getshdr: elf32_getshdr, elf64_getshdr - retrieve class-dependent section header
elf_hash - compute hash value
elf_kind - determine file type
elf_next - sequential archive member access
elf_rand - random archive member access
elf_rawfile - retrieve uninterpreted file contents
elf_strptr - make a string pointer
elf_update - update an ELF descriptor
elf_version - coordinate ELF library and application versions
elf_xlate: elf32_xlatetof, elf32_xlatetom, elf64_xlatetof, elf64_xlatetom - class-dependent data translation
nlist, nlist32, nlist64 - get entries from name list