Manual section NET

Intro - introduction to networking functions and libraries
intro - introduction to networking functions and libraries
OPT_NEXTHDR - manipulate option buffer
t_accept - accept a connect request
t_alloc - allocate a library data structure
t_bind - bind an address to a transport endpoint
t_close - close a transport endpoint
t_connect - establish a connection with another transport user
t_error - write an error message
t_free - free a library data structure
t_getinfo - get protocol-specific service information
t_getprotaddr - get protocol addresses
t_getstate - get the current state
t_listen - listen for a connect indication
t_look - check for asynchronous event on a transport endpoint
t_open - establish a transport endpoint
t_optmgmt - manage options for a transport endpoint
t_rcv - receive normal or expedited data sent over a connection
t_rcvconnect - receive the confirmation from a connect request
t_rcvdis - retrieve information from disconnect
t_rcvrel - acknowledge receipt of an orderly release indication
t_rcvudata - receive a data unit
t_rcvuderr - receive a unit data error indication
t_snd - send normal or expedited data over a connection
t_snddis - send user-initiated disconnect request
t_sndrel - initiate an orderly release
t_sndudata - send a data unit
t_strerror - get error message string
t_sync - synchronize transport library
t_unbind - disable a transport endpoint