Manual section SFF

aasd.conf - Address Allocation Server configuration file format
aliases - aliases
bootptab - Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database
dhcpc.conf - configuration file for the DHCP client daemon
dhcpd.conf - DHCP configuration file format
ethers - Ethernet address to hostname database
ftpaccess - configuration file for ftpd
ftpconv - ftpd conversions database
ftphosts - ftp user host access file
ftplog - FTP server logfile
ftpservers - ftpd virtual hosting config file
ftpusers - deny access to individual FTP users
gated.conf - gated configuration file syntax
hosts - list of hosts on network
hosts.allow - host access control file
hosts.deny - host access control file
hosts.equiv, .rhosts - lists of trusted hosts and remote users
hosts.lpd - lists of trusted hosts
hosts_access - host access control files
hosts_options - host access control language extensions
inet - Internet protocol stack configuration file
inetd.conf - configuration file for inetd (Internet ``super server'')
interface - Internet network interface configuration parameters
Intro - introduction to formats of files used by networking commands
ipf - ipf
ipmon - ipmon
ipnat - ipnat
iptos - IP Type-Of-Service database
ipx_tune.h - IPX configuration file
irdd.conf - Internet router discovery configuration
irs - Information Retrieval System
irs.conf - Information Retrieval System configuration file
k5login - access control file for secure TCP/IP utilities and authenticated login
krb.conf - Kerberos configuration file
krb.realms - host to Kerberos realm translation file
lmhosts - NetBIOS hostname file
named.boot - file format required for initializing the named daemon
named.conf - configuration file for named
named.hosts - hosts database file
named.local - local loopback interface file
named.rev - reverse hosts database file
named.soa - $INCLUDE file containing SOA record
netconfig - network configuration database
netdrivers - data file for networking boards to protocols mappings
netrc - login file for remote networks
networks - names and numbers for the Internet
NPSConfig - SAP, NVT, and LAN configuration file
nvt_tune.h - NVT configuration file
packetfilter - SLIP and PPP packet filter specification file format (obsolete)
pe_site - standalone SCO Security server RPC bindings file
pppauth - point-to-point authentication database (obsolete)
ppphosts - point-to-point link endpoint configuration file (obsolete)
ppppool - IP address pool file for PPP network interfaces (obsolete)
pppstack - PPP stack configuration file (obsolete)
printcap - printer capability database
protocols - protocol name database
publickey - public key database
resolv.conf - resolver configuration file
resolver - resolver configuration file
rhosts - trusted remote users
root.cache - file format containing names of root domain servers - configuration file for sendmail
services - Internet services and aliases
snmpd.comm - SNMP communities file
snmpd.conf - SNMP configuration file
snmpd.peers - SMUX peers file
snmpd.trap - SNMP trap communities file
spx_tune.h - SPX configuration file
strcf - configuration files for STREAMS TCP/IP
tcp - default information for TCP/IP startup script
v5srvtab - default service key table