Backing up filesystems

About the backup history

When you perform a scheduled backup of a filesystem, the Backup Manager automatically records the following information about that backup:

This information is stored on your system in the backup history.

If your disk is small or full, you can specify not to save the names of the files and directories by modifying the backup schedule options (or the default backup schedule options) and deselecting Save Backup Contents Lists. See ``Modifying scheduled filesystem backup options''.

To examine the backup history for a particular filesystem, see ``Examining the backup history''.

When you restore a partial (files or directories) or complete filesystem from your scheduled backup volumes, the Backup Manager uses the backup contents lists to determine which backup volumes are required to restore the latest version of those files. The backup volumes required to restore files to a specific date are called the ``backup set''; before starting a restore, you should retrieve this set of backup media from storage.

For example, if you are restoring a file that was not changed recently, the backup set might contain only the last complete (Level 0) backup.

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