Backing up filesystems

Backing up filesystems

The main task of a system administrator is ensuring the continued integrity of information stored on the system. One way the system administrator maintains integrity is to back up the data on the system periodically so that the data can be restored if it is lost. The Backup Manager enables the system administrator (root or a user with backup and sysadmin authorization) to save a copy of a filesystem.

NOTE: All local filesystems in the /etc/default/filesys file are listed in the Backup Manager, whether the filesystem is scheduled to be backed up or not. No mounted NFS filesystems are listed. To back up an NFS filesystem, open the host where the filesystem resides as described in ``Selecting another host to manage'' and back it up there, or add the remote filesystem to be backed up from the local host.

Before you use the Backup Manager to back up your system:

  1. Set the default backup device.

  2. Set the block and volume size for the backup device.

  3. Add the backup schedule for each local filesystem.

  4. Add the backup schedule for any remote filesystems.
Once you set it up, use the Backup Manager to:

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