Managing printers and print jobs

Moving jobs to the top of the queue

You cannot move jobs up in the queue unless you have lp authorization (or are logged in as root). See ``Assigning subsystem authorizations'' for information about lp authorizations.

By default, the print service adds jobs to the queue for a particular printer in the order they are requested: the first job submitted appears at the top of the queue and thus is printed first. However, if you want a job to be printed sooner, you can promote it (move it up the queue).

In the Print Job Manager, select the job, then select Promote from the Job menu (or click on the Promote button). The job moves up the queue.

Promoting a job does not necessarily mean that the job will print first:

To print a critical job ahead of any others, preempting the currently printing job, first hold the currently printing job (click on the Hold button), then promote the critical job (click on Promote). This delays the current print job until you Resume it and allows the urgent print job to print immediately. See ``Holding and resuming print jobs''.

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