Configuring video adapters

Generic driver configuration

SCO OpenServer provides the svga graphics driver, which is used by the VESA graphics driver to support video adapters which conform to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Video BIOS Extension (VBE) 3.0. You can use the svga driver when you don't know what graphics adapter is installed or to configure an unsupported adapter.

This driver supports VESA VBE 3.0/2.0 graphics adapters:

The mw driver is used by the VESA graphics driver to support VESA VBE version 1.2 adapters:

Because of its generic nature, the VESA driver works on virtually any modern graphics adapter. No chipset-specific accelerations are provided; using high resolutions or 64K colors may cause a degradation in performance depending on machine and graphics adapter speeds. If a specific driver is provided for your adapter, you should use it to take advantage of accelerated features.

During initial system installation (ISL), the default graphics configuration is set to VESA at the mode 800x600 with 256 colors. If a specific driver is provided for your adapter, run the Video Configuration Manager (scoadmin video) to reconfigure it. Using an accelerated driver will provide increased graphics performance.

The actual resolutions and number of colors available using the VESA driver depends on the video adapter. The recommended mode is 1024x768 with 256 colors. Make sure your monitor supports this resolution prior to configuring it.

The refresh rate is not set by the VESA driver but is instead set by the adapter itself.

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