named.soa -- $INCLUDE file containing SOA record


@	[ttl]	class	SOA	nameserver	person_in_charge (
				version		;  Serial
				interval		;  Refresh
				wait_time	;  Retry
				exp_time	;  Expire
				time_to_live )	;  Minimum
	[ttl]	class	NS	nameserver


The named.soa file contains the start of authority (SOA) record for one zone. The SOA record designates the start of a zone. The zone ends at the next SOA record. The information in named.soa is included in zone files named.hosts, named.local, and named.rev by use of the $INCLUDE directive on the first line of the file.

This is created manually on the primary server. The file name is arbitrary.

Parentheses are used to group the data into one logical record. The left parenthesis must be placed at the end of the first line. The entries in the file are:

;name  {ttl}  class  type  origin               person_in_charge	
@             IN     SOA (
                           100000    ;   Serial
                           10800     ;   Refresh
                           1800      ;   Retry
                           36000000  ;   Expire  		
                           86400 )   ;   Minimum    			
              IN     NS


For more information on the following fields, see the manual page for named(ADMN).

specifies the name of the zone. It is generally specified with `@', which refers to the domain origin declared in named.conf.

specifies the name of the host on which this file resides.

specifies the mailing address of the network administrator responsible for the zone definition.

specifies the version number (an integer) of this data file. It must be incremented whenever a change is made to the data in the named configuration file.

specifies the interval, in seconds, at which secondary servers check the serial number. If the serial number has changed since the last zone transfer, another zone transfer is done.

specifies how long, in seconds, a secondary server should wait before retrying a failed zone transfer.

specifies the maximum time, in seconds, that the data can be used by a secondary name server before it expires if a refresh is unavailable.

specifies the default number of seconds to be used for the time to live field on resource records which do not specify one in the zone file.



See also

named(ADMN), named.conf(SFF), named.hosts(SFF), named.local(SFF), named.rev(SFF), root.cache(SFF)

Standards conformance

This file is conformant with the Standard Resource Record Format specified in RFC 1035.
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