scomouse -- configure the mouse

Command syntax

scomouse [Xt_options]

Desktop syntax

Double-click on the Mouse icon in the Preferences Editor in the Controls window.


Use scomouse to configure the mouse for either right- or left-handed use, set double-click speed, and set mouse speed.

The double-click speed is the maximum time allowed between two clicks before they are interpreted as two single clicks instead of one double click. The slower the double-click speed is set, the more time is allowed between the two clicks of a double click.

Mouse speed has two related components, acceleration and distance moved. Acceleration describes how fast you can move the mouse. Distance moved describes how far the pointer has to move before it accelerates.

Command options

scomouse supports the standard Xt options.

Desktop options

Right- or left-handed mouse

By default, button 1 on a mouse is the left mouse button, which makes it easy for right-handed people to use. If you are left-handed, you may prefer to define button 1 as the right mouse button. Select Left Handed to swap the outer mouse buttons.

Double Click Speed

This controls the amount of time allowed between the two clicks of a double click. When you make an adjustment, you can test the new double-click speed on the Double Click Test Pad.

The newly defined double-click speed does not take effect in windows that are currently open. To implement the new speed, you must restart the Desktop.

Acceleration speed

This controls how quickly the pointer moves across the screen.

Distance moved before mouse accelerates

This controls how many pixels the pointer can be moved before it accelerates. For a high-resolution screen shorter-distance settings work best.


You can customize the characteristics of scomouse using your personal X resource file, $HOME/.Xdefaults-hostname, where hostname is the name of the machine on which the client is running. If this file does not exist in your home directory, you will need to create it. Changes made to this file take effect the next time you run scomouse.

In addition to recognizing the core resource names and classes, scomouse defines the following application-specific resources:

specifies the maximum time between clicks in a double click. The default is 100.

specifies the maximum mouse acceleration. The default is 10.

specifies the maximum distance the pointer moves before it accelerates. The default is 20.


The scomouse preferences for each user are stored in:




See also

mouse(HW), Xt_options(XC), Xsco(X).

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