Manual section 1

a2p - Awk to Perl translator
acountry - print the country where an IPv4 address or host is located
addr2line - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
adig - print information collected from Domain Name System (DNS) servers
afslog - obtain AFS tokens
ahost - print the A or AAAA record associated with a hostname or IP address
alias, unalias - define, display, and remove shell aliases
appres - list X application resource database
ar - create, modify, and extract from archives
arpaname - translate IP addresses to the corresponding ARPA names
AS - the portable GNU assembler.
asp-perl - Apache::ASP CGI and command line script processor
autoexpect - generate an Expect script from watching a session
autopoint - copies standard gettext infrastructure
awk - pattern scanning and processing language
bash - GNU Bourne-Again SHell
bc - An arbitrary precision calculator language
bdftopcf - convert X font from Bitmap Distribution Format to Portable Compiled Format
bdftruncate - generate truncated BDF font from ISO 10646-1-encoded BDF font
beforelight - screen saver
bg - run jobs in the background
bitmap, bmtoa, atobm - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
bmp2tiff - create a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Indepen- dent Bitmap image file
bzcmp, bzdiff - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzgrep, bzfgrep, bzegrep - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzip2, bunzip2 - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.8 bzcat - decompresses files to stdout bzip2recover - recovers data from damaged bzip2 files
bzmore, bzless - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 com- pressed text
c++filt - Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
c2ph, pstruct - Dump C structures as generated from cc -g -S stabs
c_rehash - Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values - friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs
cancel - cancel jobs
cat - concatenate and print files
ccmakedep - create dependencies in makefiles using a C compiler
cd - change working directory
cdda2ogg, cdda2mp3 - extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cdda2wav - a sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
cdecl, c++decl - Compose C and C++ type declarations
cdrecord - record audio or data Compact Disks or Digital Versatile Disks from a master
chgrp - change the group ownership of a file
chmod - change file mode
chown - change file owner
cjpeg - compress an image file to a JPEG file
ckdate, errdate, helpdate, valdate - prompt for and validate a date
ckgid, errgid, helpgid, valgid - prompt for and validate a group ID
ckint, errint, helpint, valint - display a prompt; verify and return an integer value
ckitem, erritem, helpitem - build a menu; prompt for and return a menu item
ckstr, errstr, helpstr, valstr - display a prompt; verify and return a string answer
cksum - print checksum and byte count of a file
cktime, errtime, helptime, valtime - display a prompt; verify and return a time of day
ckuid, erruid, helpuid, valuid - prompt for and validate a user ID
cleanlinks - remove dangling symbolic links and empty directories
clusterdb - cluster a PostgreSQL database
cmp - compare two files byte by byte
command - execute a simple command
compface, uncompface - compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
compress - compress data for storage
compress, uncompress, zcat - compress data for storage, uncompress and display compressed files
config_data - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
cp - copy files
cpan - easily interact with CPAN from the command line
cpansign - CPAN signature management utility
cpio - copy files to and from archives
cpp - The C Preprocessor
createdb - create a new PostgreSQL database
createlang - define a new PostgreSQL procedural language
createuser - define a new PostgreSQL user account
cryptdir - encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory
ctags - Generate tag files for source code
cups-config - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.
cupstestdsc - test conformance of postscript files
cupstestppd - test conformance of ppd files
curl - transfer a URL
curl-config - Get information about a libcurl installation
cvs - Concurrent Versions System
cvt - calculate VESA CVT mode lines
cxpm - Check an XPM (X PixMap) file - XPM 1, 2, or 3.
dbilogstrip - filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing
dbiprof - command-line client for DBI::ProfileData
dbiproxy - A proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver
dbmmanage - Manage user authentication files in DBM format
dc - an arbitrary precision calculator
delv - DNS lookup and validation utility
dga - test program for the XFree86-DGA extension
diagnostics, splain - produce verbose warning diagnostics
diff - compare files line by line
diff3 - compare three files line by line
diffpp - pretty-print diff outputs with GNU enscript
dig - DNS lookup utility
Dislocate - disconnect and reconnect processes
dispgid - display a list of all valid group names
dispuid - display a list of all valid user names
djpeg - decompress a JPEG file to an image file
dlltool - Create files needed to build and use DLLs.
dmxtodmx - dmx configuration file parser and printer
dprofpp - display perl profile data
dropdb - remove a PostgreSQL database
droplang - remove a PostgreSQL procedural language
dropuser - remove a PostgreSQL user account
dvipdf - Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips
ecpg - embedded SQL C preprocessor
editres - a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
egrep - extended
elfedit - Update the ELF header of ELF files.
enc2xs - Perl Encode Module Generator
enscript - convert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and over- strikes
envsubst - substitutes environment variables in shell format strings
errdate - prompt for and validate a date
errgid - validate a group ID
errint - verify and return an integer value
erritem - return a menu item
errstr - verify and return a string answer
errtime - verify and return a time of day
erruid - prompt for and validate a user ID
escputil - maintain Epson Stylus inkjet printers
evim - easy Vim, edit a file with Vim and setup for modeless editing
expect - programmed dialogue with interactive programs, Version 5
expectk - Expect with Tk support
fax2ps - convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed
fax2tiff - create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data
fc - process command history list
fg - run jobs in the foreground
find - find files
find2perl - translate find command lines to Perl code
findsmb - list info about machines that respond to SMB name queries on a subnet
flex - the fast lexical analyser generator
font2c - Write PostScript Type 0 or Type 1 font as C code
fonttosfnt - Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper
foomatic-combo-xml - 
foomatic-compiledb - Compile the Foomatic printer/driver database
foomatic-configure - the main configuration program of the foomatic printing system.
foomatic-gswrapper - foomatic wrapper for ghostscript
foomatic-perl-data - generate Perl data structures from XML
foomatic-ppd-options - show the PPD options
foomatic-ppdfile - Generate a PPD file for a given printer/driver combo
foomatic-printjob - 
foomatic-rip - Universal print filter/RIP wrapper
fslsfonts - list fonts served by X font server
fstobdf - generate BDF font from X font server
ftp - ARPANET file transfer program
funzip - filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe
gcc - GNU project C and C++ compiler
gccmakedep - create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gcov - coverage testing tool
gcov-dump - offline gcda and gcno profile dump tool
gcov-tool - offline gcda profile processing tool
gdb - The GNU Debugger
gdbm_dump - dump a GDBM database to a file
gdbm_load - re-create a GDBM database from a dump file.
gdbmtool - examine and modify a GDBM database
gdbserver - Remote Server for the GNU Debugger
gdk-pixbuf-csource - C code generation utility for GdkPixbuf images
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders - GdkPixbuf loader registration utility
gdome-config - script to get information about the installed version of gdome2
genbrk - Compiles ICU break iteration rules source files into binary data files
gencnval - compile the converters aliases file
genctd - Compiles word list into ICU compact trie dictionary
genrb - compile a resource bundle
getopts - parse utility options
gettext - translate message
gettextize - install or upgrade gettext infrastructure
gif2tiff - create a TIFF file from a GIF87 format image file
gimpprint-config - script to get information about the installed ver- sion of gimpprint
glib-config - script to get information about the installed version of GLib
glib-genmarshal - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-gettextize - gettext internationalization utility
glib-mkenums - C language enum description generation utility
gobject-query - display a tree of types
gpg - OpenPGP encryption and signing tool - gpg -
gpgv - Verify OpenPGP signatures
gprof - display call graph profile data
grep, egrep - search a file for a pattern
grep, egrep, fgrep - print lines matching a pattern
gs - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter and pre- viewer)
gsf - archiving utility using the G Structured File library
gsf-office-thumbnailer - office files thumbnailer for the GNOME desktop
gslp - Format and print text using ghostscript gsbj - Format and print text for BubbleJet printer using ghostscript gsdj - Format and print text for DeskJet printer using ghostscr
gsnd - Run ghostscript (PostScript and PDF engine) without display
gtf - calculate VESA GTF mode lines
gtk-config - script to get information about the installed version of GTK+
gtk-query-immodules-2.0 - Input method module registration utility
gtk-update-icon-cache - Icon theme caching utility
gzip, gunzip, zcat - compress or expand files
h2ph - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xs - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
hash - remember or report utility locations
help2man - generate a simple manual page
helpdate - prompt for and validate a date
helpgid - validate a group ID
helpint - verify and return an integer value
helpitem - return a menu item
helpstr - verify and return a string answer
helptime - verify and return a time of day
helpuid - prompt for and validate a user ID
host - DNS lookup utility
htdbm - Manipulate DBM password databases
htdigest - manage user files for digest authentication
htmlclean - a small script to clean up existing HTML
htmldoc - convert html source files into html, postscript, or pdf.
htpasswd - Manage user files for basic authentication
icc2ps - little cms PostScript converter.
icclink - little cms device link generator.
iceauth - ICE authority file utility
ico - animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
iconv - character set conversion
icu-config - output ICU build options
ijs-config - script to get information about the installed version of ijs
ijsgimpprint - Ghostscript driver for Gimp-Print
imake - C preprocessor interface to the make utility
imgcmp - Image comparison utility
imginfo - Image information utility
imlib-config - Display Imlib and GDK-Imlib Library Configuration
imlib_config - Imlib Configuration Editor
indent - changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace.
info - read Info documents
infokey - compile customizations for Info
initdb - create a new PostgreSQL database cluster
install-info - update info/dir entries
instmodsh - A shell to examine installed modules
ipcclean - remove shared memory and semaphores from a failed PostgreSQL server
isamchk - Description, check and repair of ISAM tables. Used without options all tables on the command will be checked for errors
isamlog - Write info about whats in a nisam log file. - Get information about the installed version of ISC BIND
jasper - File format converter specialized in JPEG-2000 encoding
jbgtopbm - JBIG1 to portable bitmap file converter
jiv - Image display utility
jobs - display status of jobs in the current session
jpegicc - little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.
jpegtran - lossless transformation of JPEG files
jsh - job control command interpreter (/usr/lib/jsh)
kdestroy - remove one credental or destroy the current ticket file
kf - securely forward tickets
kgetcred - get a ticket for a particular service
kibitz - allow two people to interact with one shell
kimpersonate - impersonate a user when there exist a srvtab, keyfile or KeyFile
kinit kauth - acquire initial tickets
klist - list Kerberos credentials
kpasswd - Kerberos 5 password changing program
krb5-config - give information on how to link code against Heimdal libraries
ksh - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
ksh, rksh, pfksh - KornShell, a standard/restricted command and pro- gramming language
l - list contents of directory in long format
largeprimes - generate large, random primes using Crypt::Primes.
lc - list contents of directory in columns
ld - The GNU linker
ldapcompare - LDAP compare tool
ldapdelete - LDAP delete entry tool
ldapexop - issue LDAP extended operations
ldapmodify, ldapadd - LDAP modify entry and LDAP add entry tools
ldapmodrdn - LDAP rename entry tool
ldappasswd - change the password of an LDAP entry
ldapsearch - LDAP search tool
ldapurl - LDAP URL formatting tool
ldapwhoami - LDAP who am i? tool
lf - list contents of directory in columns indicating object type
libnetcfg - configure libnet
libxrx - RX Netscape Navigator Plug-in
listres - list resources in widgets
ln - link files
lndir - create a shadow directory of symbolic links to another directory tree
localedef - define locale environment
log2pcap - Extract network traces from Samba log files
login - authenticate a user and start new session
lp - print files
lpoptions - display or set printer options and defaults
lppasswd - add, change, or delete digest passwords.
lpq - show printer queue status
lpr - print files
lprm - cancel print jobs
lpstat - print cups status information
lr - list contents of directory recursively in columns
ls, lc, l, lf, lr, lx - list contents of directory
luit - Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
lwp-download - Fetch large files from the web
lwp-mirror - Simple mirror utility
lwp-request - Simple command line user agent
lwp-rget - Retrieve web documents recursively
lx - list contents of directory in columns sorted horizontally
lynx - a general purpose distributed information browser for the World Wide Web
lzmainfo - show information stored in the .lzma file header
make - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
make_method - Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server
makeconv - compile a converter table
makedepend - create dependencies in makefiles
makeg - make a debuggable executable
makeinfo - translate Texinfo documents
makestrs - makes string table C source and header(s)
mergelib - merge one library into another
mk-ca-bundle - convert mozilla's certdata.txt to PEM format
mkdir - make directories
mkdirhier - makes a directory hierarchy
mkfontdir - create an index of X font files in a directory
mkfontscale - create an index of scalable font files for X
mkhtmlindex - generate index files for HTML man pages
mkpasswd - generate new password, optionally apply it to a user
mktemp - make temporary filename (unique)
mm-config - OSSP mm library configuration/build utility
mozilla - a Web browser for X11 derived from Netscape Communicator
msgattrib - attribute matching and manipulation on message catalog
msgcat - combines several message catalogs
msgcmp - compare message catalog and template
msgcomm - match two message catalogs
msgconv - character set conversion for message catalog
msgen - create English message catalog
msgexec - process translations of message catalog
msgfilter - edit translations of message catalog
msgfmt - compile message catalog to binary format
msggrep - pattern matching on message catalog
msginit - initialize a message catalog
msgmerge - merge message catalog and template
msgunfmt - uncompile message catalog from binary format
msguniq - unify duplicate translations in message catalog
mt - control magnetic tape drive operation
multixterm - drive multiple xterms separately or together
mv - move files
mysql - text-based client for mysqld, a SQL-based relational database daemon
mysql_fix_privilege_tables - Fixes MySQL privilege tables.
mysqlaccess - mysqlaccess-Createnewuserstomysql.
mysqladmin [OPTIONS] command command.... - A utility for performing administrative operations
mysqld - The MySQL server demon
mysqld_multi - is meant for managing several mysqld processes running in different UNIX sockets and TCP/IP ports.
mysqld_safe - start the mysqld daemon on Unix.
mysqldump - text-based client for dumping or backing up mysql data- bases, tables and or data.
mysqlshow - Shows the structure of a mysql database (databases, tables and col- umns)
named-rrchecker - syntax checker for individual DNS resource records
ngettext - translate message and choose plural form
nlmconv - converts object code into an NLM.
nm - list symbols from object files
nmblookup - NetBIOS over TCP/IP client used to lookup NetBIOS names
nmbstatus - Lists NMB node status of a UDP network
nslookup - query Internet name servers interactively
nsupdate - Dynamic DNS update utility
ntlm_auth - tool to allow external access to Winbind's NTLM authentication function
objcopy - copy and translate object files
objdump - display information from object files.
oclock - round X clock
openssl - OpenSSL command line tool
openssl-asn1parse, asn1parse - ASN.1 parsing tool
openssl-ca, ca - sample minimal CA application
openssl-ciphers, ciphers - SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
openssl-cms, cms - CMS utility
openssl-crl, crl - CRL utility
openssl-crl2pkcs7, crl2pkcs7 - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
openssl-dgst, dgst, sha, sha1, mdc2, ripemd160, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, md2, md4, md5, dss1 - message digests
openssl-dhparam, dhparam - DH parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-dsa, dsa - DSA key processing
openssl-dsaparam, dsaparam - DSA parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-ec, ec - EC key processing
openssl-ecparam, ecparam - EC parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-enc, enc - symmetric cipher routines
openssl-errstr, errstr - lookup error codes
openssl-gendsa, gendsa - generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters
openssl-genpkey, genpkey - generate a private key
openssl-genrsa, genrsa - generate an RSA private key
openssl-nseq, nseq - create or examine a netscape certificate sequence
openssl-ocsp, ocsp - Online Certificate Status Protocol utility
openssl-passwd, passwd - compute password hashes
openssl-pkcs12, pkcs12 - PKCS#12 file utility
openssl-pkcs7, pkcs7 - PKCS#7 utility
openssl-pkcs8, pkcs8 - PKCS#8 format private key conversion tool
openssl-pkey, pkey - public or private key processing tool
openssl-pkeyparam, pkeyparam - public key algorithm parameter process- ing tool
openssl-pkeyutl, pkeyutl - public key algorithm utility
openssl-rand, rand - generate pseudo-random bytes
openssl-req, req - PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generat- ing utility.
openssl-rsa, rsa - RSA key processing tool
openssl-rsautl, rsautl - RSA utility
openssl-s_client, s_client - SSL/TLS client program
openssl-s_server, s_server - SSL/TLS server program
openssl-s_time, s_time - SSL/TLS performance timing program
openssl-sess_id, sess_id - SSL/TLS session handling utility
openssl-smime, smime - S/MIME utility
openssl-speed, speed - test library performance
openssl-spkac, spkac - SPKAC printing and generating utility
openssl-ts, ts - Time Stamping Authority tool (client/server)
openssl-tsget, tsget - Time Stamping HTTP/HTTPS client
openssl-verify, verify - Utility to verify certificates.
openssl-version, version - print OpenSSL version information
openssl-x509, x509 - Certificate display and signing utility
otp - manages one-time passwords
otpprint - print lists of one-time passwords
pagsh - creates a new credential cache sandbox
pal2rgb - convert a palette color TIFF image to a full color image
pango-querymodules - Module registration utility - Make and run Perl Archives
parl - Binary PAR Loader
passmass - change password on multiple machines
patch - apply a diff file to an original
pathchk - check the validity of a pathname
pax - portable archive interchange
pbmtojbg - portable bitmap to JBIG1 file converter
pcitweak - read/write PCI config space
pcre-config - program to return PCRE configuration
pcregrep - a grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcretest - a program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pdf2dsc - generate a PostScript page list of a PDF document
pdf2ps - Ghostscript PDF to PostScript translator
pdffonts - Portable Document Format (PDF) font analyzer (version 3.02)
pdfimages - Portable Document Format (PDF) image extractor (version 3.02)
pdfinfo - Portable Document Format (PDF) document information extractor (version 3.02)
pdfopt - Ghostscript PDF Optimizer
pdftoppm - Portable Document Format (PDF) to Portable Pixmap (PPM) con- verter (version 3.02)
pdftops - Portable Document Format (PDF) to PostScript converter (ver- sion 3.02)
pdftotext - Portable Document Format (PDF) to text converter (version 3.02)
perl - Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl5004delta - what's new for perl5.004
perl5005delta - what's new for perl5.005
perl561delta - what's new for perl v5.6.x
perl56delta - what's new for perl v5.6.0
perl570delta - what's new for perl v5.7.0
perl571delta - what's new for perl v5.7.1
perl572delta - what's new for perl v5.7.2
perl573delta - what's new for perl v5.7.3
perl581delta - what is new for perl v5.8.1
perl582delta - what is new for perl v5.8.2
perl583delta - what is new for perl v5.8.3
perl584delta - what is new for perl v5.8.4
perl585delta - what is new for perl v5.8.5
perl586delta - what is new for perl v5.8.6
perl58delta - what is new for perl v5.8.0
perlamiga - Perl under Amiga OS
perlapi - autogenerated documentation for the perl public API
perlapio - perl's IO abstraction interface.
perlartistic - the Perl Artistic License
perlbook - Perl book information
perlboot - Beginner's Object-Oriented Tutorial
perlbot - Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT)
perlbug - how to submit bug reports on Perl
perlcall - Perl calling conventions from C
perlcc - generate executables from Perl programs
perlce - Perl for WinCE
perlcheat - Perl 5 Cheat Sheet
perlclib - Internal replacements for standard C library functions
perlcn - Perl
perlcompile - Introduction to the Perl Compiler-Translator
perldata - Perl data types
perldbmfilter - Perl DBM Filters
perldebguts - Guts of Perl debugging
perldebtut - Perl debugging tutorial
perldebug - Perl debugging
perldelta - what is new for perl v5.8.8
perldgux - Perl under DG/UX.
perldiag - various Perl diagnostics
perldoc - Look up Perl documentation in Pod format.
perldos - Perl under DOS, W31, W95.
perldsc - Perl Data Structures Cookbook
perlebcdic - Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
perlembed - how to embed perl in your C program
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl
perlfaq1 - General Questions About Perl ($Revision: 1.19 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq2 - Obtaining and Learning about Perl ($Revision: 1.39 $, $Date: 2006/01/08 14:27:07 $)
perlfaq3 - Programming Tools ($Revision: 1.56 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq4 - Data Manipulation ($Revision: 1.73 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq5 - Files and Formats ($Revision: 1.42 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq6 - Regular Expressions ($Revision: 1.38 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq7 - General Perl Language Issues ($Revision: 1.28 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq8 - System Interaction ($Revision: 1.27 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfaq9 - Networking ($Revision: 1.28 $, $Date: 2005/12/31 00:54:37 $)
perlfilter - Source Filters
perlfork - Perl's fork() emulation
perlform - Perl formats
perlfunc - Perl builtin functions
perlglossary - Perl Glossary
perlgpl - the GNU General Public License, version 2
perlguts - Introduction to the Perl API
perlhack - How to hack at the Perl internals
perlhist - the Perl history records
perlintern - autogenerated documentation of purely internal Perl functions
perlintro - a brief introduction and overview of Perl
perliol - C API for Perl's implementation of IO in Layers.
perlipc - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)
perlivp - Perl Installation Verification Procedure
perljp - Perl
perlko - Perl
perllexwarn - Perl Lexical Warnings
perllocale - Perl locale handling (internationalization and localiza- tion)
perllol - Manipulating Arrays of Arrays in Perl
perlmod - Perl modules (packages and symbol tables)
perlmodinstall - Installing CPAN Modules
perlmodlib - constructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones
perlmodstyle - Perl module style guide
perlnetware - Perl for NetWare
perlnewmod - preparing a new module for distribution
perlnumber - semantics of numbers and numeric operations in Perl
perlobj - Perl objects
perlop - Perl operators and precedence
perlopentut - tutorial on opening things in Perl
perlos2 - Perl under OS/2, DOS, Win0.3*, Win0.95 and WinNT.
perlothrtut - old tutorial on threads in Perl
perlpacktut - tutorial on pack and unpack
perlplan9 - Plan 9-specific documentation for Perl
perlpod - the Plain Old Documentation format
perlpodspec - Plain Old Documentation: format specification and notes
perlport - Writing portable Perl
perlre - Perl regular expressions
perlref - Perl references and nested data structures
perlreftut - Mark's very short tutorial about references
perlrequick - Perl regular expressions quick start
perlreref - Perl Regular Expressions Reference
perlretut - Perl regular expressions tutorial
perlrun - how to execute the Perl interpreter
perlsec - Perl security
perlstyle - Perl style guide
perlsub - Perl subroutines
perlsyn - Perl syntax
perlthrtut - tutorial on threads in Perl
perltidy - a perl script indenter and reformatter
perltie - how to hide an object class in a simple variable
perltoc - perl documentation table of contents
perltodo - Perl TO-DO List
perltooc - Tom's OO Tutorial for Class Data in Perl
perltoot - Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl
perltrap - Perl traps for the unwary
perltw - Perl n
perlunicode - Unicode support in Perl
perluniintro - Perl Unicode introduction
perlutil - utilities packaged with the Perl distribution
perluts - Perl under UTS
perlvar - Perl predefined variables
perlvms - VMS-specific documentation for Perl
perlwin32 - Perl under Windows
perlxs - XS language reference manual
perlXStut - Tutorial for writing XSUBs
perror - describes a system or MySQL error code.
pf2afm - Make an AFM file from Postscript (PFB/PFA/PFM) font files using ghostscript
pfbtopfa - Convert Postscript .pfb fonts to .pfa format using ghostscript
pfrom - fetch a list of the current mail via POP
pg_config - retrieve information about the installed version of Post- greSQL
pg_controldata - display control information of a PostgreSQL database cluster
pg_ctl - start, stop, or restart a PostgreSQL server
pg_dump - extract a PostgreSQL database into a script file or other ar- chive file
pg_dumpall - extract a PostgreSQL database cluster into a script file
pg_resetxlog - reset the write-ahead log and other control information of a PostgreSQL database cluster
pg_restore - restore a PostgreSQL database from an archive file created by pg_dump
php - PHP Command Line Interface 'CLI'
php-config - get information about PHP configuration
phpize - prepare a PHP extension for compiling
piconv - iconv(1), reinvented in perl
pkg-config - Return metainformation about installed libraries
pkgdata - package data for use by ICU
pl2pm - Rough tool to translate Perl4 .pl files to Perl5 .pm modules.
pod2html - convert .pod files to .html files
pod2latex - convert pod documentation to latex format
pod2man - Convert POD data to formatted *roff input
pod2readme - script to convert POD to README file
pod2text - Convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
pod2usage - print usage messages from embedded pod docs in files
podchecker - check the syntax of POD format documentation files
podselect - print selected sections of pod documentation on standard output
postgres - PostgreSQL database server
postmaster - PostgreSQL database server
pp - Perl Packager
ppm2tiff - create a TIFF file from PPM, PGM and PBM image files
printafm - Print the metrics from a Postscript font in AFM format using ghostscript
prngd - Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
profiles - A utility to report and change SIDs in registry files
prove - A command-line tool for running tests against Test::Harness
ps2ascii - Ghostscript translator from PostScript or PDF to ASCII
ps2epsi - generate conforming Encapsulated PostScript
ps2pdf - Convert PostScript to PDF using ghostscript ps2pdf12 - Convert PostScript to PDF 1.2 (Acrobat 3-and-later compati- ble) using ghostscript ps2pdf13 - Convert PostS
ps2pdfwr - Convert PostScript to PDF without specifying Compatibil- ityLevel, using ghostscript
ps2ps, eps2eps - Ghostscript PostScript distiller
psed - a stream editor
psql - PostgreSQL interactive terminal
ptar - a tar-like program written in perl
ptardiff - program that diffs an extracted archive against an unex- tracted one
pwd - working directory name
python - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
ranlib - generate index to archive.
ras2tiff - create a TIFF file from a Sun rasterfile
raw2tiff - create a TIFF file from a raw data
rcp - copy file to and from remote machines
rdjpgcom - display text comments from a JPEG file
read - read a line from standard input
readcd - read or write data Compact Discs
readelf - Displays information about ELF files.
README.aix - Perl version 5 on IBM Unix (AIX) systems
README.apollo - Perl version 5 on Apollo DomainOS
README.beos - Perl version 5.8+ on BeOS
README.BS2000 - building and installing Perl for BS2000.
README.cygwin - Perl for Cygwin
README.epoc - Perl for EPOC
README.freebsd - Perl version 5 on FreeBSD systems
README.hpux - Perl version 5 on Hewlett-Packard Unix (HP-UX) systems
README.hurd - Perl version 5 on Hurd
README.irix - Perl version 5 on Irix systems
README.linux - Perl version 5 on Linux systems
README.machten - Perl version 5 on Power MachTen systems
README.macos - Perl under Mac OS (Classic)
README.macosx - Perl under Mac OS X - Perl version 5 on Atari MiNT
README.mpeix - Perl/iX for HP e3000 MPE
README.openbsd - Perl version 5 on OpenBSD systems
README.os390 - building and installing Perl for OS/390 and z/OS
README.os400 - Perl version 5 on OS/400
README.qnx - Perl version 5 on QNX
README.solaris - Perl version 5 on Solaris systems
README.tru64 - Perl version 5 on Tru64 (formerly known as Digital UNIX formerly known as DEC OSF/1) systems
README.vmesa - building and installing Perl for VM/ESA.
README.vos - Perl for Stratus VOS
recode-sr-latin - convert Serbian text from Cyrillic to Latin script
reindexdb - reindex a PostgreSQL database
replace - A utility program that is used by msql2mysql, but that has more general applicability as well. replace changes strings in place in files or on the standard input.
resize - set TERMCAP and terminal settings to current xterm window size
revpath - generate a relative path that can be used to undo a change-directory
rgb2ycbcr - convert non-YCbCr TIFF images to a YCbCr TIFF image
rm - remove files
rmdir - remove directories
rpcclient - tool for executing client side MS-RPC functions
rsh - restricted command interpreter (/usr/lib/rsh)
rstart - a sample implementation of a Remote Start client
rstartd - a sample implementation of a Remote Start rsh helper
rsvg - Turn SVG files into raster images.
rsync - a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool
runtest - the DejaGnu test driver program
sabcmd - a command line interface to Sablotron XSLT processor - Scan file prerequisites
scanpci - scan/probe PCI buses
scgcheck - check and validate the ABI of libscg
scp - secure copy (remote file copy program)
sdiff - side-by-side merge of file differences
sed - stream editor for filtering and transforming text
sessreg - manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init clients
setxkbmap - set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension
sftp - secure file transfer program
sh - standard shell command interpreter
sh, jsh, rsh - shell, the standard, job control, and restricted command interpreter
shasum - Print or Check SHA Checksums
showfont - font dumper for X font server
showrgb - uncompile an rgb color-name database
showtable - Show data in nicely formatted columns
size - list section sizes and total size.
sliceprint - slice documents with long lines.
smbcacls - Set or get ACLs on an NT file or directory names
smbclient - ftp-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources on servers
smbcontrol - send messages to smbd, nmbd or winbindd processes
smbcquotas - Set or get QUOTAs of NTFS 5 shares
smbget - wget-like utility for download files over SMB
smbstatus - report on current Samba connections
smbtar - shell script for backing up SMB/CIFS shares directly to UNIX tape drives
smbtree - A text based smb network browser
smproxy - Session Manager Proxy - Interactive shell for SOAP calls
sqlite3 - A command line interface for SQLite version 3
ssh - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login program)
ssh-add - adds private key identities to the authentication agent
ssh-agent - authentication agent
ssh-keygen - authentication key generation, management and conversion
ssh-keyscan - gather ssh public keys
startx - initialize an X session
states - awk alike text processing tool
strings - print the strings of printable characters in files.
strip - Discard symbols from object files. - Generates client stubs from a WSDL file.
su - substitute user identity
sum - print checksum and block count of a file
sxpm - Show an XPM (X PixMap) file and/or convert XPM 1 or 2 files to XPM 3.
tar - an archiving utility
tclsh - Simple shell containing Tcl interpreter
tcsh - C shell with file name completion and command line editing
testparm - check an smb.conf configuration file for internal correctness
texi2dvi - print Texinfo documents
texindex - sort Texinfo index files
thumbnail - create a TIFF file with thumbnail images
tiff2bw - convert a color TIFF image to greyscale
tiff2pdf - convert a TIFF image to a PDF document
tiff2ps - convert a TIFF image to
tiff2rgba - convert a TIFF image to RGBA color space
tiffcmp - compare two TIFF files
tiffcp - copy (and possibly convert) a TIFF file
tiffdither - convert a greyscale image to bilevel using dithering
tiffdump - print verbatim information about TIFF files
tifficc - little cms ICC profile applier for TIFF.
tiffinfo - print information about TIFF files
tiffmedian - apply the median cut algorithm to data in a TIFF file
tiffset - set a field in a TIFF header
tiffsplit - split a multi-image TIFF into single-image TIFF files
tknewsbiff - pop up a window when news appears
tkpp - frontend to pp written in Perl/Tk
touch - update access and modification times of a file
tr_blck - check for broken relative links in html pages
tr_delfont - delete font tags that hardcode the size or the font face.
tr_fixltgt - fix  in text parts of html files to become  and 
tr_httpcheck - check if a particular web-pages exists
tr_imgaddsize - add width and height to 
tr_llnk - list links in html files
tr_mvlnk - modify tags in html files with perl commands.
tr_staticssi - expand SSI directives #include virtual and #exec cmd
tr_tagcontentgrep - grep for a xml/sgml/html tag
tr_xlnk - process html files and expand links on directories
twm - Tab Window Manager for the X Window System
type - write a description of command type
uconv - convert data from one encoding to another
ucs2any - generate BDF fonts containing subsets of ISO 10646-1 codepoints
ulimit - set or display a resource limit
umap - map between different character sets
umask - set file-creation mode mask
unalias, alias - remove shell aliases
unbuffer - unbuffer output
uncompress - uncompress data from compressed files
unzip - list, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
unzipsfx - self-extracting stub for prepending to ZIP archives
vacuumdb - garbage-collect and analyze a PostgreSQL database
valdate - prompt for and validate a date
valgid - validate a group ID
valint - verify and return an integer value
valstr - verify and return a string answer
valtime - verify and return a time of day
valuid - prompt for and validate a user ID
vdltodmx - dmx configuration file parser and printer
vfstest - tool for testing samba VFS modules
viewres - graphical class browser for Xt
vim - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor
vimdiff - edit two or three versions of a file with Vim and show dif- ferences
vimtutor - the Vim tutor
wait - await completion of process
wbinfo - Query information from winbind daemon
wftopfa - Convert a Wadalab base font to Postscript .PFA (or .PFB) for- mat using ghostscript
Wget - The non-interactive network downloader.
windmc - generates Windows message resources.
windres - manipulate Windows resources.
wish - Simple windowing shell
wrjpgcom - insert text comments into a JPEG file
wtpt - Show media white of profiles, identifying black body locus.
x11perf - X11 server performance test program
x11perfcomp - X11 server performance comparison program
xauth - X authority file utility
xbiff - mailbox flag for X
xcalc - scientific calculator for X
xclipboard - X clipboard client
xclock - analog / digital clock for X
xcmsdb - Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System
xconsole - monitor system console messages with X
xcursorgen - create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images
xcutsel - interchange between cut buffer and selection
xdbedizzy - demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene
xditview - display ditroff output
xdm - X Display Manager with support for XDMCP, host chooser
Xdmx - Distributed Multi-head X server
xdmxconfig - a graphical configuration tool for Xdmx configuration files
xdpr - dump an X window directly to a printer
xdpyinfo - display information utility for X
xedit - simple text editor for X
xev - print contents of X events
xeyes - a follow the mouse X demo
xfd - display all the characters in an X font
xfindproxy - locate proxy services
xfontsel - point and click selection of X11 font names
xfs - X font server
xfsinfo - X font server information utility
xft-config - report Xft version, compiler, linker, and/or installation directory information
xfwp - X firewall proxy
xgamma - Alter a monitor's gamma correction through the X server
xgc - X graphics demo
xgettext - extract gettext strings from source
xhost - server access control program for X
xinit - X Window System initializer
xkbcomp - compile XKB keyboard description
xkbevd - XKB event daemon
xkbprint - print an XKB keyboard description
xkibitz - allow multiple people to interact in an xterm
xkill - kill a client by its X resource
xlogo - X Window System logo
xlsatoms - list interned atoms defined on server
xlsclients - list client applications running on a display
xlsfonts - server font list displayer for X
xmag - magnify parts of the screen
xman - Manual page display program for the X Window System
Xmark - summarize x11perf results
xmessage - display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo)
xmh - send and read mail with an X interface to MH
xmkmf - create a Makefile from an Imakefile
xml-config - script to get information about the installed version of GNOME-XML
xml_grep - grep XML files looking for specific elements
xml_merge - merge back XML files split with C
xml_pp - xml pretty-printer
xml_spellcheck - spellcheck XML files
xml_split - cut a big XML file into smaller chunks
xmlcatalog - Command line tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML catalog files.
xmllint - command line XML tool
xmlpretty - XML pretty printer - Interactive shell for XMLRPC calls
xmlsec1 - sign, verify, encrypt and decrypt XML documents
xmlsec1-config - detail installed version of xmlsec library
xmlwf - Determines if an XML document is well-formed
xmodmap - utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
xmore - plain text display program for the X Window System
Xnest - a nested X server
xnlock - amusing lock screen program with message for passers-by
xon - start an X program on a remote machine
Xorg - X11R7 X server
xorgcfg - Graphical configuration tool for Xorg
xorgconfig - generate an xorg.conf file
xpdf - Portable Document Format (PDF) file viewer for X (version 3.02)
xphelloworld - sends a test page to an Xprint printer
xplsprinters - shows a list of Xprint printers and it's attributes
xpr - print an X window dump
xprehashprinterlist - Recomputes the list of available printers.
xprop - property displayer for X
Xprt - Print server for X Version 11
xpsimplehelloworld - Hello World-like Xprint sample utility based on plain X11 rendering calls
xpxthelloworld - Hello World-like Xprint sample utility based on the Xt toolkit
xrandr - primitive command line interface to RandR extension
xrdb - X server resource database utility
xrefresh - refresh all or part of an X screen
xrx - RX helper program
Xserver - X Window System display server
xset - user preference utility for X
xsetmode - set the mode for an X Input device
xsetpointer - set an X Input device as the main pointer
xsetroot - root window parameter setting utility for X
xslt-parser - XSLT transformations
xsltproc - command line XSLT processor
xsm - X Session Manager
xstdcmap - X standard colormap utility
xsubpp - compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code
xterm - terminal emulator for X
xtrapreset, xtrapinfo, xtrapstats, xtrapout, xtrapin, xtrapchar, xtrap- proto - XTrap sample clients
xtrapreset, xtrapinfo, xtrapstats, xtrapout, xtrapin, xtrapchar, xtrapproto - XTrap sample clients
Xvfb - virtual framebuffer X server for X Version 11
xvidtune - video mode tuner for Xorg
xvinfo - Print out X-Video extension adaptor information
xwd - dump an image of an X window
xwininfo - window information utility for X
xwud - image displayer for X
xxd - make a hexdump or do the reverse.
xz, unxz, xzcat, lzma, unlzma, lzcat - Compress or decompress .xz and .lzma files
xzcmp, xzdiff, lzcmp, lzdiff - compare compressed files
xzdec, lzmadec - Small .xz and .lzma decompressors
xzgrep - search compressed files for a regular expression
xzless, lzless - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
xzmore, lzmore - view xz or lzma compressed (text) files
yapp - A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module
ysh - The YAML Test Shell
zap - a perl script used to kill processes
zcat - display compressed files
zcmp, zdiff - compare compressed files
zgrep - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zip, zipcloak, zipnote, zipsplit - package and compress (archive) files
zipgrep - search files in a ZIP archive for lines matching a pattern
zipinfo - list detailed information about a ZIP archive
zmore - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
zsh - the Z shell
zshall - the Z shell meta-man page
zshbuiltins - zsh built-in commands
zshcompctl - zsh programmable completion
zshcompsys - zsh completion system
zshcompwid - zsh completion widgets
zshcontrib - user contributions to zsh
zshexpn - zsh expansion and substitution
zshmisc - everything and then some
zshmodules - zsh loadable modules
zshoptions - zsh options
zshparam - zsh parameters
zshroadmap - informal introduction to the zsh manual
zshtcpsys - zsh tcp system
zshzftpsys - zftp function front-end
zshzle - zsh command line editor