Configuring the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

PPP endpoint configurations

The SCO PPP daemon can only build PPP links if PPP endpoint configurations exist. Every link is based on an endpoint configuration, but in some cases more than one link may be based on a single endpoint configuration. An endpoint configuration consists at minimum of an entry in the file /etc/ppphosts. Depending on the type of endpoint configuration used for that entry, the endpoint configuration may also require entries in the files:

See ``PPP configuration files'' for a description of these configuration files and others used by SCO PPP.

There are four types of endpoint configuration, described in the following sections. Each type has different optimal uses and characteristics. The number and content of PPP endpoint configurations on a system depends on the types of PPP communication anticipated for the system.

PPP endpoint configurations can be added, modified, or removed as described in ``Configuring PPP''.

The following endpoint types are supported:

The possible combinations of endpoint types that can connect systems using SCO PPP are illustrated in ``Possible connections between systems using SCO PPP''. The arrows show the direction in which a PPP link can be initiated.

Possible connections between systems using SCO PPP

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