Manual section HW

80387 - math coprocessor for 80386 (obsolete)
ad - Adaptec 154x, 154x emulation, 164x SCSI host adapter device (obsolete)
ad160 - Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
ad320 - Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
adsa - Adaptec AIC-7770 family SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsb - Adaptec PCI Ultra2 SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsc - Adaptec Standard Mode SCSI host adapter subsystem
adse - Adaptec Enhanced Mode SCSI host adapter subsystem
adsl - Adaptec PCI SCSI host adapter subsystem
adss - Adaptec AIC-6x60 family SCSI host adapter subsystem
adst70 - Adaptec 66/33 MHz, 64/32-bit PCI Ultra160 SCSI host adapter subsystem
ahslink - link boot-time loadable drivers (obsolete)
aio - pseudo-device driver for asynchronous disk I/O on raw disk partitions
alad - Adaptec AIC-7870 and AIC-7850 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
ams - Advanced Micro Devices host adapter driver (obsolete)
apm - bootstrings for advanced power management
arad - Adaptec 7770 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
asyc - asynchronous serial ports driver
aud - pseudo-device driver to read from or write to the audit subsystem (obsolete)
audit - audit subsystem device interface (obsolete)
bhba - Symbios Logic host adapter driver (old name) (obsolete)
blad - Adaptec Ultra II SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
blc - BusLogic SCSI host adapter subsystem
boot - boot parameters
bootos - load and run an operating system from a partition (obsolete)
bootstring - parameters passed to the kernel and device drivers (obsolete)
c8xx - LSI Logic PCI to SCSI Host Bus Adapter
cartridge, ct - QIC-02 and QIC-36 tape device (obsolete)
cdrom: Srom, cdt - compact disk devices (obsolete)
cdt - tape emulator for SCSI CD-ROM driver (obsolete)
cga - CGA screen routines for console device driver
cha - Compaq 32-Bit Fast-SCSI-2 Controller driver (obsolete)
ciha - 386/486 CBUS SCSI host adapter device driver (obsolete)
ciss - Compaq Smart Array Controller Driver
clad - Compaq Array Controller driver (obsolete)
clock - High-precision system clock
clone - open any major/minor device pair on a STREAMS driver
console - console terminal devices
cpqs - Compaq CPQS tape driver
cpqsc - Compaq SCSI host bus adapter
cpu - SMP ioctl's
dak - Mylex DAC960 Array Controller
debug - boot debugger
disk - disk device file
display - system console display
dos - boot a DOS partition (obsolete)
dpt - DPT SCSI host adapter subsystem
dptr - DPT host adapter device driver (obsolete)
dual-core - support for two cores per physical processor
dynamic_add_memory - driver call for adding dynamic memory
efp - Olivetti ESC-1, ESC-2, and EFP host adapter driver (obsolete)
ega - EGA screen routines for console device driver
eiad - Adaptec 174x EISA SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
emul - 80387 math coprocessor emulator (obsolete)
emul.att - 80387 math coprocessor emulator (obsolete) - 8087/287 math coprocessor emulator (obsolete)
err - kernel error output pseudo-device driver
error - kernel error output device file
esdi - IBM Fixed Disk Adapter/A driver (obsolete)
fd - floppy disk device driver
fdha - Future Domain Corp 1650, 1670, 1680, 600, 700 SCSI host adapter driver (old name) (obsolete)
fdhb - Adaptec AHA-2920 host adapter series and Future Domain Corp 1650, 1670, 1680, 600, 700 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
flashpt - BusLogic FlashPoint SCSI host adapter subsystem
floppy - floppy devices
floppytape, ft - QIC-40 and QIC-80 cartridge floppy tape drive (obsolete)
floptical - 21MB floptical disk device interface
fp - floating-point hardware and emulators (obsolete)
hd - hard disk drive
hf - IBM Hardfile SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
hyper-threading, multi-core, dual-core - Hyper-Threading Technology and multi-core support
hyperthread - support for two logical processors per physical processor
hyperthreading - support for two logical processors per physical processor
ida - Compaq Intelligent Drive Array Controllers
IDE - Generic IDE/ATAPI controller Subsystem
ide - Generic IDE/ATAPI controller Subsystem
iiop - Tricord ES5000 Motherboard host adapter driver (obsolete)
iir - Intel Integrated RAID host adapter driver (obsolete)
Intro - introduction to machine-related miscellaneous features and files
irwin, mc - Irwin tape drive interface (obsolete)
isdn - ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) device support
juke - operate a SCSI media changer
jukebox, Sjk - media changer devices
kernel - module name for kernel bootstrings (obsolete)
keyboard - system console keyboard
kmem - perform I/O on kernel memory based on symbol name
link, ahslink - link boot-time loadable drivers (obsolete)
log - interface to STREAMS error logging and event tracing
lp - line printer device interface
lp0 - line printer device interface
lp1 - line printer device interface
lp2 - line printer device interface
LS-120 - 120MB SuperDisk device interface
LS-240 - 240MB SuperDisk device interface
marry - marry driver
mc01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) medium changer target driver
mdac - Mylex Disk Array driver
mdi - MAC (Media Access Control) Driver Interface
mem, kmem - core memory
mono - monochrome ANSI adapter routines for console device driver
mouse - mouse device driver for bus, serial, and PS/2 mouse devices
multi-core - support for two or more cores per physical processor
ncr - NCR MCA SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
omti - OMTI hard disk device driver
p6updata - microcode update file for Intel Pentium processors
p6update - update microcode for Intel Pentium processors
pa - parallel port device driver
parallel - parallel interface device driver
pci - PCI bus device
prf - operating system profiler
pwr - Power Management STREAMS protocol
pxe - PXE boot support
qlc1020 - QLogic PCI SCSI host adapter
qlc12160 - QLogic PCI SCSI host adapter
qlc1280 - QLogic PCI SCSI host adapter
qlc2100 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
qlc2200 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
qlc2300 - QLogic PCI FC host adapter
ram - ramdisk device driver (obsolete)
ramdisk - memory block device (obsolete)
rtc - real-time clock interface
SATA - AHCI Subsystem
sc01 - CD-ROM Target Driver
scancode - PC-scancode capable terminal
screen - tty [01-n], color, monochrome, ega, vga display adapter and video monitor
scsi - small computer systems interface (obsolete)
scsidisk: Sdsk - SCSI hard disk (obsolete)
scsitape: Stp, dat, Exabyte, nine-track - SCSI tape devices (obsolete)
sd01 - sd01
sdi - Storage Device Interface subsystem
Sdsk - SCSI hard disk driver (obsolete)
serial - interface to serial ports
Sflp, LS-120, LS-240, floptical - generic floppy device interface
sio - clist-based serial driver
Sjk - SCSI media changer (juke box) device driver
slha - Symbios Logic/LSI Logic host adapter driver (obsolete)
smad - Adaptec AIC-6x60 chipset host adapter driver (obsolete)
spx - STREAMS bi-directional pipe device
Srom - SCSI CD-ROM device driver (obsolete)
st01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) tape target driver
st506 - ST506 fixed disk adapter device driver
streamio - STREAMS ioctl commands
string - boot, configuration, and other system strings pseudo-device driver
sumo - NEC Storage Plus SCSI-AT (SUMO) host adapter driver (obsolete)
sw01 - Storage Device Interface (SDI) WORM Target Driver
syscon - system console device
systty - device on which system error messages are displayed
tab - kernel tables pseudo-device driver
tape - magnetic tape device drivers
terminal - special device files and clist driver for serial terminal control
tmcha - Future Domain Corp TMC 845, 8x0, 885 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
tty1a - device file for first COM1 serial port without modem control
tty1A - device file for first COM1 serial port with modem control
tty2a - device file for first COM2 serial port without modem control
tty2A - device file for first COM2 serial port with modem control
uapm - Advanced Power Management BIOS-APM firmware
usb - Universal Serial Bus
usb_prnt - USB Printer Device Name Conventions
usblp - USB Printer Device Name Conventions
vga - VGA screen routines for console device driver
vtoc - fdisk disk partition and UnixWare slices
vxconfig - volume management configuration device
vxfsio - VERITAS File System control functions
vxinfo - Volume Manager general information device
vxio - Volume Manager virtual disk devices
vxiod - control Volume Manager I/O daemon process
vxtrace - Volume Manager I/O Tracing Device
wd - EIDE disk and ATAPI host adapter driver (obsolete)
wdex - Western Digital 7000ex SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
wdha - Western Digital 7000 SCSI host adapter driver (obsolete)
weitek - Weitek math coprocessor device driver (obsolete)
win - boot a Windows partition (obsolete)
xt - multiplexed tty driver for ATT windowing terminals